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  • Check out the RANGE NOTES for information about range closures, upcoming events, regular range events etc.
  • Morning sessions start at 8.00–9.00am depending on discipline.
  • Afternoon sessions generally start at 1.00pm – except for Service and WA1500 which start at 12.00pm.
  • ALWAYS check the PDF calendars regarding ranges open/closed for general practice.
Week of Jan 30th
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
30 January 2021

8:00am: R6A – Shotgun

31 January 2021 1 February 2021

8:00am: ALL ranges closed

6:00pm: New members induction

6:00pm: R2 – CF & Sports Pistol

6:00pm: R5 – IPSC

2 February 2021

8:00am: R5 closed

8:00am: R6 closed

3 February 2021

12:00pm: R6 – Gents Service Match

4:30pm: R2 – ISSF

6:00pm: R2 – ISSF

6:00pm: R3 – COACHING

6:00pm: R5 – IPSC

6:30pm: R3 – Ladies & Partners night

4 February 2021

8:00am: R1 – Gents Match

8:00am: R2 – Gents Match

8:00am: R5 closed

8:00am: R6 closed

6:00pm: R5 – IPSC

5 February 2021