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Firearm PTAs


Please read through QPS Weapons Licensing's page regarding the process for "Applying for a Permit to Acquire (PTA)". Note there is a mandatory 28-day waiting period for new shooters, but the wait tends to be shorter for shooters who already own firearms.

PLEASE NOTE: A Form 18 is needed prior to lodging a request for acquiring a handgun, and your online PTA application needs a form signed by a Club-authorised officer (a member of the Executive). You need to sign this form in triplicate before it will be issued to you. Organise this club paperwork before applying online, to speed up your online application process.

Prior to purchasing a firearm under an H Licence, please check with your discipline representative to ensure it meets the regulations/requirements for that discipline. Do not take the word of a gun shop salesperson who may not be familiar with that discipline.

Ensure you have secure storage facilities – this is part of your paperwork requirements to QPS, regardless whether you own any firearms. This location cannot be at Metropolitan.

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