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Junior Shooters

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP (11 – 17 years old)

Metropolitan wishes to promote Junior pistol shooters wanting to join the sport. Accordingly, the fees for Juniors are now substantially reduced. Note that a minor cannot possess a firearm, until they can hold an adult licence. The requirements for applying for a Junior Membership is as follows:

1. Download and complete form QP515 Application for Statement of Eligibility from the QPS website or a police station, to ensure you are a fit and proper person to hold a license.

2. In addition, please prepare:
• Proof of address (letter from parent/guardian) 
• A copy of birth certificate or passport or learners permit (for proof of age)
• Letter from Parent/Guardian permitting Junior to apply for licence

3. Then submit your completed application and paperwork into police at Police Station.

4. When a 'Form 36' is received by applicant from the Police, you can now apply to join Metro Pistol Club.

Metropolitan Pistol Club requirements:
• birth certificate, passport or learner's permit (for proof of age)
• letter from Parent/Guardian approving membership application
• two character references
contact the Secretary regarding a time to meet

From there, the steps are the same as for an adult, depending on whether the Junior will be applying for an H Licence, or an A/B Licence.

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