Administration / Safety
  • Range flags must be flown during all shooting on the range
  • All shooters and spectators MUST wear eye and ear protection at all times while shooting is under way.
  • Covered footwear and a shirt with sleeves will be considered safe clothing. All shooters intending to shoot must sign the Range Register on arrival to the range before commencing to shoot.
  • All shooters are to check noticeboards in club area for any special notices.
  • Range is to be left clean and tidy, targets to be refurbished.

Visitors and guests
  • Members who have been licensed for over 2 years may now be permitted to bring a prospective Member to the Club and try shooting a pistol under a Form 33 Authority.
  • The Range Officer / Range Operators must inspect and ensure ALL 33 and 33a forms are completed correctly and accurately before shooting commences. Form 33 is the means that a prospective Member may try pistol shooting in a controlled environment and this is limited to a MAXIMUM of Three (3) occurrences only.
  • Only members who have been licensed over 2 years may supervise Form 33 attendees. If a Member who has not held an H License for over 2 years seeks to introduce a prospective Member to use a firearm under Form 33;  then the Member shall contact their Discipline Representative to facilitate this.
  • Be advised that Form 33 (non-Members) are not permitted to participate in Matches / Competitions.
  • Range 5 is the designated range for Form 33 shooters and only paper targets are to be used. 
  • Members must ensure their guests are either licensed or have filled in a QPS Form 33.
  • All visitors intending to shoot must be signed in by a club member and are the responsibility of that member.
  • Licensed guests and those on a Form 33 must sign the Range Register. Non-shooting visitors must sign the Visitor’s Book.
  • A range fee of $13/visit must be paid, with the funds being deposited (along with any Form 33s) in the blue drop box near the Clubhouse BBQ.
  • Please refer to the Range Standing Orders (below).


Range Standing Orders PDF

Range Standing Orders

A copy of the Range Standing Orders may be found and read in clubhouse and on the Range 1 noticeboard. All members and guests using the ranges must read and be familiar with Range Standing Orders.

(452kb, PDF download, version 4.0 current 01.02.21)