Holster courses

Holster Proficiency courses

A number of shooting disciplines (eg ICOREIPSCService PistolWestern Action) require the use of a holster for upper-level competitions.

Before you are permitted to use a holster in a given shooting competition, you must hold a Holster Proficiency accreditation. For more information regarding Holster Courses please contact us.


Holster & ammo belts
In-house holster course — for on-site Metro matches only

MPC runs a regular in-house holster course, so you can participate in club-level shoots only. It is NOT suitable if you wish to take part in PSQ-sanctioned matches, but is a great way to get you started and practicing regularly. 

Please contact Geoff on 0419 007 310 for more information and to arrange a booking.

Please note the following important information:

  • THIS IS FOR METRO MEMBERS ONLY. You will have to show your MPC ID card. Non-members cannot participate.
  • You must have completed the form (from the clubhouse), with your three shoots signed off by discipline representatives prior to attending.
  • You must be licensed, with your own firearm and holster rig.
  • This course is not suitable for Western Action shooters!
  • If you use a revolver then you are only accredited for using a revolver. If you use a semi-auto then you will be accredited for both semi-auto and revolver holster safety. 
  • You MUST pre-book with your spot, as numbers for each session will be restricted. Register or you may be turned away!